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I provide clinical supervision training for Licensed Associate Counselors ( LAC) seeking to obtain their Licensed Professional Counselor ( LPC) clinical hours.

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Counseling Services on YOUR Schedule

I offer Facetime, phone and in-office sessions to meet each individuals specific needs. Whether you work out of the home, don’t want to spend gas money, live in a rural area, have a disability, no transportation, too depressed to leave the home or just prefer the convenience of counseling from the privacy of your home.


Advantages of Facetime & Telephone Counseling

Remote CounselingIt is Convenient: Facetime counseling and telephone counseling allow clients to send, receive messages or talk on the phone at a time which is convenient in the privacy of their own home, office or car. You can keep the same Counselor even if you relocate.

It is Accessible: Facetime and telephone counseling is more convenient for some people, due to geographic location or physical limitations. There are some people who live in rural areas where there are no Counselors available to you.


When Is Facetime Counseling not Recommended?

Christian Counseling PhoenixIf you are thinking of committing suicide or having suicidal thoughts, you need immediate help that Facetime counseling or telephone counseling cannot provide. If this is the case, stop reading and call the National Suicide Hotline: 1 (800) 784-2433; or the American Suicide Foundation: 1 (800) 531-4477; or Crisis Help Line (for any kind of crisis) 1 (800) 233-4357 or 911.


When is In-Person Recommended?

When it is geographically ideal OR you prefer to meet with a counselor face to face.




NOTE: At the present time total security with online communication is not absolute in any medium and therefore needs to be at the clients own risk. However, the chances of someone having the expertise or the interest to hack into conversations is rather rare. Please look into getting your own private firewall.

Limits to Confidentiality & Privacy: There are limits to your confidentiality and privacy. State law requires that we report to the local Department of Social Services (DSS) any evidence we have of a child being abused or neglected. In other words, if you tell us that you are physically abusing or severely neglecting your child, or identify someone who is, we are required by law to make a report to DSS.Similarly, if you tell us that you are going to kill yourself or someone else, we are required by law to inform the police and the other person, and do anything else necessary to stop the suicide or murder. And finally, in the rare event we would be subpoenaed by a court of law to produce your confidential records and a judge ordered me to comply, then I would. (Note: The same would be true in face-to-face counseling.)

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